royal wedding planner tips

Recently announced news about Prince Harry and his fiancé, Meghan Markle, who are to wed, has people bursting with an excitement all over the world. Everyone is waiting to find out more details about this wedding but the exact details are yet to be announced.

Details so far are scant but we already have a glimpse of where it will take place and when. Saturday, May the 19th this year has been picked as the best time and the venue had been agreed on as the Saint Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle. This will be on a Saturday despite royal weddings typically taking place during weekdays. Another little throw to the status quo.

Even so, we impatiently wait for more particulars on the reception, the guest list, the wedding dress, the ring, decorations, entertainment, the menu, wines of the day, security and all the rest needed to throw a big bash… but how big will it be?

As Harry is the 5th inline to the throne, it seems unlikely that he will ever manage to sit on the big chair, however, he is still royal and the world expects a big, slightly less formal, but certainly not a boring wedding. 

The capacity of the venue is 800 which is a big cutdown from 2000 when William wedded a few years ago. It’s positively tiny compared to Diana and Charles wedding, whose guest-list hit 5000. One of the UK’s most famous wedding planners says: “800 might seem as an extreme to most of us but it’s quite an intimate number for a royal wedding.”

The royal family is picking up the bill for the wedding, although we should consider that the venue and the staff are going to be practically free. So the question is: how much cash will actually be spent to make an unforgettable party?

Apparently one “pays between 250K upwards to a half a million pounds” on average for a splash wedding these days in London, but it really depends whether you spend £25,000 or £100,000 on a wedding dress for instance. “And after all, the cost goes up considerably if you decide to spend more on the actual evening which the public will not necessarily get to see". 

As it’s a state occasion one can still expect the bill to rise as many national and international VIPs will certainly attend and the security, as well as the overall presentation, will be very important and, of course, costly. The fact that Windsor was chosen instead of London will definitely cut the cost down considerably and, of course, 800 guests will not cost as much as 5000, nonetheless, those guests will be state figures and the figure is still expected to cost.

So, what can we expect in terms of expenditure for this wedding? As our celebrity wedding planner informs advises: “just stay true to yourself, you don’t need to follow a formula, don’t follow the latest trend you have seen on Pinterest for example. Be yourself. And, we are already seeing that with Harry and Megan."

What we have seen so far from Prince Harry and Megan is that they already broke a few royal rules and they are opting for slightly more radical choices than the previous royals. They come across as very much in love publicly and we hope that the cost will not matter after all as long as they decide on a fun, unique and chic wedding. We can’t wait to see it!


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