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wedding planners rich coverPlanning a wedding day is as much about expression and creativity as it is about love and longevity. How you choose to do it will be noticed by your nearest and dearest and, no doubt t, they’ll love you for it. The uniform wedding format seems to have fallen out of favour with contemporary wedding planners as they conjure events that are a cross between an Oceans 11 movie and a Mexican carnival.

So, the question is, if all your budgetary restraints were removed for planning your wedding, would you indulge in an all-out event like this one showcased by one of London’s most notorious wedding planners [see video].











Or, would you opt for something more down to Earth with friends and family and a few cases of Good Ordinary Claret?

I think I would take the down to Earth route myself but I would absolutely LOVE to be invited to one of these extravagant extravaganzas!

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