Optiat coffee based ethical face scrub

Natalia Baloghova tests Optiat’s "Pick me up coffee scrub - Lemongrass lifter” and concludes that this natural and ethical scrub goes beyond what it says on the tube!

Coming back from my gym and pilates class last weekend, I got that afternoon down feeling. It was a gloomy, late January afternoon with a dark soporific sky peering through the window. I found it hard to get going for the rest of the day. Well if anything, this was the day to give the new Optiat coffee scrub a go! 

Initially, once I had applied it to my face I thought it is a bit runny but then I re-read the instructions and noted I had to shake the tube for it to gain the right consistency. The beautiful smell of coffee and lemongrass essential oils did not strike me initially as an attractive combination, however, it really works and smells really gorgeous! The intense coffee combined with the lemongrass aroma really lifted me up on what was an unpromising afternoon. It refreshed my mood for the rest of the day.  

It's made with Arabica coffee grains, lemongrass leave’s and a few other ingredients that make for a sustainable, eco-friendly mixture. 

Less waste, less methane, less climate change

The Optiat range is made in the UK by two young siblings from West Dulwich who care about climate change, as well as human and animal welfare. The products are sustainably made and play a vital role in extending the life cycle of coffee waste. Launched in November 2016 they kicked off with the 4 types of scrubs that are all coffee based. 

The concept of recycling coffee beans from London's coffee shops, restaurants and bars all started with one question: "What happens to all the coffee grains once the Americanos and all the Lattes are made?" 

Answering this question raised some important issues around how much coffee is drunk in the UK, how long it takes for coffee waste to degrade, as well as understanding what the environmental impact actually is? 

It turns out coffee is highly polluting. When it decomposes it gives off the methane - a greenhouse gas with more than 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide over the course of a century (or a 100 times more potent over a 20 year timescale). Although there is much less methane in the atmosphere that carbon dioxide, it has recently been cited by climate change scientists as dangerous because of its amplified heat trapping properties. Methane in the atmosphere has been rising steadily in recent decades.

Optiat is a pleasure to use and it matters a lot that the people behind the brand truly care about the environment at a time when so much of the natural world is under threat. These two factors mean that, for me, this is a brand I will definitely revisit as a future pick.

Optiat - "Pick me up coffee scrub - Lemongrass lifter”

£9.90 for - 220g. 


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